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Charm Beauty Lashes are an Australian boutique brand.
We specialise in premium, high quality and absolutely luxurious false eyelashes.
Our fake eyelashes are handmade and packed in elegantly beautiful boxes; perfect to give as gifts or to treat yourself!
We know how important it is to LOOK and FEEL beautiful. That's why our fake eyelashes are:
Super Soft
"Effortless Glamour" is always achievable!


What are fake eyelashes?
Fake eyelashes/strip lashes/falsies are a string of fine fibres (synthetic, silk, mink or human hair) designed to mimic eyelash hairs and enhance the eyes by adding length and volume to the natural eyelashes. The lash hairs are woven into a band which can be a black cotton thread band or transparent invisible band. The lashes can be woven in many different lengths and patterns creating a variety of styles to choose from.

How to choose the best shape and style for you
Everyone has different shape eyes which is important to note when finding the perfect lash for you.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes won’t have a visible upper eyelid crease and this hides the inner and outer corners of the eyes. If you have mono-lidded eyes, it’s best to wear heavier styles that flutter and criss-cross. This is because these lash styles open up the eye.
Celebrities with monolid eyes: Constance Wu, Lana Condor.
Suitable lash styles to check out: Darling, Royal, Chance, Grande, Shine, Enchanted.

Hooded Eyes
Hooded eyes have a visible upper eyelid crease, but tend to have the outer corner crease hidden beneath the brow bone. It’s important to define the crease to help open up the eye. If you have hooded eyes it’s best to stay away from heavy dramatic lashes which will pull your eyes down, make them look smaller and close them up. The best lash styles to open up the eye are fluttery and have length in the centre of the eyelash band.
Celebrities with hooded eyes: Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively.
Suitable lash styles to check out: Royal, Dainty, Venus, Velour.

Almond Eyes
Almond eyes have a visible upper eyelid crease the whole way through. You will notice your iris (the coloured part of the eye) is slightly hidden by the upper and lower lids. Your eyes will naturally have pointed ends with a wider centre. Almond eyes have it easy, all lash styles will suit this eye. What you want to focus on is showing off the shape of your eye and accentuating this with really full and voluminous lashes.
Celebrities with almond eyes: Beyonce, Angelina Jolie.
Suitable lash styles to check out: Luxe, Precious, Allure, Duchess, Dazzle, Peachy, Rosa.

Round Eyes
Round eyes also have a visible upper eyelid crease the whole way through. You will notice that you will be able to see your iris is a lot more visible with some visibility of the whites around the iris. Your eyes will be naturally rounder in the centre and you want to focus on elongating the eye. If you have round eyes you want winged lash styles that are long, wispy and dramatic towards the outer corners to give you a ‘cat eye’ look.
Celebrities with round eyes: Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel
Suitable lash styles to check out: Darling, Queen, Sparkle, Indulge, Duchess.

Fitting your new lashes

Not only do our eyes vary in shape but they also vary in length. When you find your perfect lash, it is important that before applying the lashes you measure the band on your eyelid to check if the band needs trimming to fit your eye. When your lashes do not fit you will feel an uncomfortable poking either in the inner or outer corners of the eye. After measuring your lashes, don’t forget to always trim the lash from the outer corner of the band for a more natural blend.

Lash Application

The next step is to apply a thin layer of lash glue/adhesive to the underside of the lash band. Start by applying glue to the centre of the band working your way out to the corners. When you see the glue is half dry and tacky this is when you should apply the lash as it will be more likely to stay in place when applying to the eyelid. Apply the lashes as close to the lash line as possible, starting from the centre of the eye then the corners.

After Care

After enjoying your day or night out wearing your fake lashes, they can be stored away in the original packaging to keep its shape and form for the next use. Fake eyelashes are reusable and the amount of times they can be reused ultimately comes down to the lash materials but especially the after care. Fake eyelashes will last much longer when you:

Avoid applying mascara to the lashes

️Handle the lashes gently when pulling them off

️Store the lashes on the plastic mould in its box

Remove the glue and makeup from the lash after every use

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