What you NEED to know about fake eyelashes

What are fake eyelashes?
Fake eyelashes/strip lashes/falsies are a string of fine fibres (synthetic, silk, mink or human hair) designed to mimic eyelash hairs and enhance the eyes by adding length and volume to your natural eyelashes. The lash hairs are woven into a band which can be a black cotton thread band or transparent invisible band. The fake eyelashes can be woven in many different lengths and patterns creating a variety of lash styles to choose from.

Who can wear fake eyelashes?
The answer is: Everyone.
Fake lashes work best for people who want to increase lash volume, add length to their natural lashes in just seconds or make their lashes look darker and denser. 
If you naturally have thin, barely visible lashes, fake eyelashes are PERFECT for you! Many women really struggle with having thick, luscious lashes and fake eyelashes are the quick and easy solution to this problem!

How can I make sure I wear and use fake eyelashes properly?
If you are new to fake lashes and wearing them, the best way to learn how to wear them comfortably is to watch our video here.
Don't forget to read our article on the BEST tips on applying your fake lashes. 

Where can I buy fake eyelashes?
Traditionally buying fake lashes wasn't a common thing and this meant suppliers were limited. In fact, they were traditionally a last minute purchase at your local pharmacy or chemist. Nowadays, the ever growing market for lashes has made it really easy to buy fake lashes online and in specialist beauty stores like Mecca or Sephora. If you are stuck on which style to choose (because there are sooo many available), get in touch with our Beauty Experts today via Live Chat or email shop@charmbeautylashes.com.au.

When would I wear fake eyelashes?
Fake lashes are made to be worn for all occasions. The fact that you can buy anything from really natural looking lashes to ultra glam, super dramatic lashes means that no matter where you are going or what you are doing you can always add the perfect amount of length or volume required.




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