How to take care of your new fake lashes and make them last MUCH longer than they should

Fake eyelashes are made to be reused, with some lashes being able to last even up to 30 wears. The key to increasing the longevity of your lashes and getting the most wears out of them is to take care in how you treat your lashes while you are wearing them and how they are stored and reused for the next time! 

Here are the easiest ways to ensure you get the most use of your new lashes:


1. Try not to apply mascara to your fake eyelashes and if you do, use makeup remover to clean the mascara off after every use. 
The best way to wear your lashes is to apply all your other eye makeup first (eye shadow, liner, mascara) and apply your falsies last. This ensures you don't have makeup building up on your fake lashes and the mascara does not mess with the shape or curl of the false eyelashes. Just remember: the more frequently you have to clean the mascara off your fake lashes with makeup remover means the more frequently your falsies need to bounce back into their original shape.
PRO TIP: avoid oil based makeup removers, the oily residue makes it really difficult for the glue to stick next time you wear your lashes. 


2.  Always store your lashes in the plastic mould or lash box after every use.
You can say goodbye to reusing your lashes if your lashes end up in your handbag (trust me, I know how tempting it is). The benefit of storing your lashes after every use is knowing you have a full pair ready to be worn for the next time without having to look all over the house for that one lash or pair that got away. Plus, you can't reuse your lashes if there is only half a pair of lashes in a place you can't remember - yikes! The plastic mould really helps keep the shape of the lashes too.


3. Gently peel away the old glue from your lashes and ONLY use fake eyelash strip adhesive.
This one is super important. Firstly, for your safety only lash specific glue should be used around your eyes. These lash glues are tried and tested for one of the most sensitive parts of your body - your eyes. When you notice the residual glue on the band is getting thick and building up it is safe to gently peel this off. Just be really careful you do not snag any of the threads holding the lashes onto the band as this could cause some lash hairs to fall out of the band = bald spot in your falsies!


4. If your fake lashes get wet, be sure to dry them out and brush them back into shape.
When fake lashes get wet the lash hairs stick together and this can really change the style and shape of your original lashes. Dry them off with a paper towel or a fluff-free towel/cloth and brush out your lashes with a clean mascara wand. This should get them bouncing back into shape in no time! 


5. Only ever peel your lashes from the outer corner and peel in a downward motion.
To retain the shape of the lash and keep the lash band in tact as much as you can, it is best when taking your lashes off after every use to only gently peel the lashes from the outer corner downwards away from your eyelids. This will also protect you from unnecessarily pulling on any of your natural lashes to remove your falsies. 


These tips will ensure you get the most use out of your lashes!

Good luck and if you have any tips you'd like to share, leave a comment below.



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I’m a first time lash user and these are great tips, thanks! I also loved your YouTube tutorial!

Jess May 01, 2020

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