Top 5 Tips to ALWAYS buying the BEST fake lashes

Fake eyelashes are an easy and amazing makeup product that can enhance your makeup look 100%! They are super affordable and the best thing about shopping for new falsies is the wide variety of styles and types of false eyelashes to choose from!

So, what are the top 5 tips when it comes to buying new lashes?


1. Know your eye shape
The best way to narrow down the huge selection of lashes is to know what eye shape you have and to choose lashes that will flatter you the most. This will cut out any chance of buying lashes that don't make your eyes look bigger and don't quite fit right. "How do I know what eye shape I have?" Easy. Take our lash quiz here. At the end of the quiz you will be shown your personalised lash collection with some more info about what styles to look out for 😉

2. If you are new to lashes, choose lashes that are best suited for beginners
There are different types of lashes and they all made differently. Some have thinner more flexible bands, some have thick and dense cotton bands to hold heaps of volume. If you are new to lashes, have a look at what our beauty experts recommend: The Best Lashes for Beginners. These lashes have thinner bands, making them more flexible to mould to your natural lash line. It is so much easier to control when applying. 


3. Buy lashes for the makeup style you are trying to achieve
Like to glam up and make a scene? Look for the heavy, dramatic, glam lash styles with full volume. Prefer natural, undetectable lashes? Look for the natural, wispy styles with a thinner band, especially the ones makeup artists use.
💡Remember: those styles of lashes are made to suit a wide range of people so they can be bought and used in bulk.

If you are ever unsure, we have a team of beauty experts to help answer any questions you have on our website Live Chat!


4. Read ALL the reviews
The best way to find out if the lashes you are thinking about will work out or not are all in the reviews. You will quickly learn if the images tell one story and the experience is a whole 'nother ride. So Jane thinks the lashes look more spiky in real life and aren't actually that natural looking? You know you are looking for the MOST natural lashes and these aren't going to work out after all. Sally thinks the lashes were more suitable for people who already have nice lashes and these don't give enough volume? Awesome, now you can look for a heavier style. Like I said, all in the reviews. This tip will save you heaps of time and money. 


5. Customer images are everything
Unsure how the lashes will look on you? Not a problem. Customer images on Instagram, Facebook and the review section will show you exactly what the lashes look like on people who might have the same complexion, eye shape and makeup style as you. This is the easiest way to picture what your lashes might look like on you. Plus customer images really show what the lashes look like when taking a selfie or getting photos taken in real life 😗😗

You are now ready to ensure you ALWAYS buy the BEST fake lashes. Test out your new skills here.

Happy browsing!

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