New Lash User Guide




So you've just bought a new pair of lashes? How exciting!

To make this new experience, fun and simple we have put together a video for you to watch.

It's a step-by-step guide on how to apply your fake eyelashes with some tips and tricks to make it easier.👏👏

Good Luck!


Watch Our Video
'How to Apply Fake Eyelashes'


Caring For Your Lashes

♥️ All our lashes come with a lash mould to store your lashes before and after use. This mould will keep the lashes in a curved shape for the next wear.

♥️ Do not wet your lashes. If in any event that you do, make sure you pat them dry and reshape the lash by gently separating the hairs with your fingertips.

♥️ When removing your lashes, gently peel away the lashes from the lash line by the band not the hairs. Be sure to peel from the inner corners of your eye first.

♥️ It is recommended that you curl your lashes and apply mascara to your natural lashes first rather than curling or applying mascara after the lashes have been applied. Curling and applying mascara to the fake lashes will impact how many times you can reuse the lashes.



"Will the fake lashes damage my natural lashes?"
No, the lash glues are water soluble and if applied properly the lashes are glued to the lash line and should not be glued to any of your natural eyelashes. If the lashes are removed carefully and slowly from the lash line, your natural lashes will not be affected.

"How long do they last?"
You can wear your lashes all day and night - they will be removed in your usual makeup removal routine. Be sure to apply enough glue for a secure hold. 

"When do I apply the lashes, before or after makeup?"
It is best to apply the lashes last - after your usual eyeliner and mascara routine. To blend the lashes in with your natural lash line, you can apply eyeliner to the dry glue after applying the lashes. 

"I'm new to this, what lashes should I start with?"
Our 100% Human Hair lashes from the Pro MUA Lash Collection are highly recommended for beginners. They have an invisible band and are lightweight making them the easiest lashes to apply and blend in with your natural lashes.

"I don't know what style will suit me, how do I find lashes for what I am after?"
We have made a Lash Quiz to help find lashes that suit your eye shape with some recommended styles. We always recommend starting with the human hair lashes and working your way up to our other collections which have a cotton band. If you are needing extra help, we are more than happy to lash match you on our Live Chat. 


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