Welcome to Charm Beauty Lashes
We are an Australian indie beauty brand with a clear vision.
We want to redefine beauty by helping women embrace a more natural look! Our mission is for women to appreciate and love their unique features, work with them (not against them) and feel beautiful. This is so important to us!
We believe makeup should be simple, natural & effortless.

We want you to know
ALL women are unique and beautiful.
The little differences are what make us special and the key to real confidence is to embrace this. Choosing Charm Beauty Lashes gives you products that are made for you without the confusion or complication. It just works!
Our beauty experts have tried and tested it all and all our products are the only ones we trust and would use ourselves. 

About our products
Our lashes are always on trend and always have you in mind.
We want to make sure when you wear our lashes, you feel confident and at your best.We are always looking for the latest products in the beauty world that we believe will give you that effortless 'I always look like this' look.
Makeup should be fun, easy and give you an amazing feeling which is why we only stock products that keep you in mind!
We spend hours sourcing lash styles that are comfortable and look fabulous for all occasions. To make sure our products are the best for you, we stress test all our products so they are safe and are aligned to our belief that beauty should be simple, natural and effortless.

Words that motivate us
"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she IS beautiful"
-Sophia Loren


 The Founder

A massive welcome, I'm Anna, the Founder of Charm Beauty Lashes.

I started Charm Beauty Lashes a couple of years ago when I realised the women around me were becoming more and more obsessed about NOT looking like themselves and most importantly not LOVING themselves. 

Makeup to hide women’s unique features is still trending, but my mission is to redefine beauty as it stands today! I believe REAL women like you deserve to feel confident with minimal effort and simple makeup.

Thank you for supporting my small business and dream for all women to feel beautiful, confident and happy.