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You can always refer to this guide if you ever need help with applying your lashes or brushing up on your lash after-care.
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How do I apply my fake eyelashes?
If you missed it, we have a video showing you step-by-step how to apply your new lashes. You can watch it here. We've also put the instructions in an easy to read article on our Beauty IQ Blog. You can read it here

How long do fake eyelashes last for? Can I reuse them?
Yes you can reuse your eyelashes! The durability of your lashes will depend on the type of lash hairs and material of the band holding the hairs together.
Our Luxury Mink Lashes are made for up to 30 reuses, our Premium Silk Lashes up to 25 reuses, and our Professional Human Hair Lashes up to 10 reuses.
Of course this all depends on how well they are looked after, stored after every use and how they are treated during their lifetime!
You need to read our Beauty IQ article 'How to take care of your new fake lashes and make them last MUCH longer than they should'.

What lashes will suit me?
You can find out exactly what lash styles will suit you by taking our Lash Quiz.
This quiz will help you discover what eye shape you have and provide you with your own personalised lash collection. Take the quiz now!

Will fake lashes ruin my real lashes?
Fake eyelashes are not applied to your real lashes if they are applied correctly. 
The lash adhesive is applied directly to the lash band that is then applied snug to your natural lash line BUT not on top of your natural lashes. 
At the end of every use, it's really important to gently pull the false eyelashes away from your natural lash line to avoid pulling out your real lashes!

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